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Swahili Proverbs

When I was a little girl, I used to read the Swahili Proverbs and these are some of my favorite ones.

Achekaye kovu hajaona jeraha

Literal Meaning: Don’t insult what someone does if you don’t fully understand the root of their actions.

Adui ya mtu ni mtu

Literal meaning: Most of our problems are caused by other people. Such is the nature of society.

Afya ni bora kuliko mali

literal meaning: All the possessions in the world can not compare to the blessing of a healthy body.

Asiyejua kufa na atazame kaburi

Meaning: We should learn from the mistakes of others.

Asiyeona aibu zake asione za mwenziwe

Don’t criticize someone else’s faults when you have them too

Badiliko kwa mjukuu uanze na babu

Literal Meaning: Change happens slowly.  If you desire to truly make a change you must start early.

Gome la udi si la mnuka uvundo

if you surround yourself with bad people you will become like them.

Tisa Karibu Na Kumi

Never give up when you are about to complete a task or nearing the end.

Akili Ni Mali

Knowledge can be used to better ones life.





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