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Neka au Congo 


Written by Nikki Causer


A children’s book about “The Memoir of Neka in the Congo” is coming soon!  It will be an edifying children’s book about Neka’s parents moving to the Congo from the island of Cyprus about her best friend and her learning lessons living in the jungle.

The Greek communities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo were established prior to the colonization of the country by Belgium. The Greek presence in the Congo reached a peak in the 1950s coming from around the world.  The Greek communities organized their own schools and churches and Greeks were active in trade, fishing, transport, coffee growing and the music industry.

In the early to mid 20th century nearly all Congolese cities on the Belgian side had a Greek community and usually all hailing from a particular part of Greece as people would arrive, get settled in and send for their families.

By the 1920s there were established Greek fishing and trading communities in the trading cities of Luapula and Katanga, where the Greeks plied the river trade of the Congo, ranging as far as Zambia where many settled. The traders and fishermen developed a good and likable reputation and cultivated good relations with their Congolese and Zambian colleagues as they were always ready to offer help or lend their equipment and traditional Greek skills in net and boat making. Later the Congolese Greeks played a significant role in launching the country’s important music tradition by founding several recording companies like Olympia, Ngoma, Opika and others. When the country declared its independence in 1960 there were violent clashes and uncertainty followed by three decades of authoritarian rule by Mobutu Sese Seko which led to the exodus of most Greek settlers and the decline of the Greek community. Today there are about 100 Greeks left in the capital Kinshasa and 200 in Lubumbashi.  I love so much Africa, its beauty and the strong hearts of the people, the African animals, music and its colors.


Africa the beautiful/Women dancing

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My mom in the villages.  Man dancing!                                                        My sister Anna in front of our house!
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